Welcome in Veszprém!

Veszprem, the citadell of Hungarian Handball

Quiet alleies and always tingling bells. Modern houses with beautiful green lawn under the laureate, ancient walls of the Castle. Sweaty and romantic summer nights with neverending wind. Gaping vaults and sky-high towers.  Hills and downhills. Fantastic parties and quiet piety.

The grandiose past of the kings and the innovative, dinamic future. Get to know our varied town, our prided heritage. Have a walk among the tight streets and wide squares of Veszprem. There are several pieces of experience waiting for you here!

Location of Veszprem

  • Seat of Veszprem county, Hungary, Europian Union
  • 110 km from Budapest, Southwest
  • 15 km from Lake Balaton, Northward
  • 25 km from Bakony, Sauthward
  • GPS- coordinates: 47.09456, 17:90612

The city of Hungarian Queens sites on the hills and downhills surround stream Séd, at the encounter of three landscape: the ranges of Bakony from the North, The Balaton-uplands from the South and the Veszprem-uplands, part of the pale Mezőföld from the East. This central location played an important role in the developement of the city. Veszprem is the highest located county-seat: it is approximately 260 m above the sea level. On the same way it is not rare to find 30-40 m falls within the town. A real nice example for this is located the Séd-downhill Southern and Eastern side, where thanks to the job of Northwestern winds, sticky dolomiterocks aim the sky.

Veszprem -  the origin of the name

The name of the city was originally Bezprem, which is a Slavonic compound world. According to our linguistics its meaning is „the one and only”.  According to another explanation from Bonfini (historian of King Mathias), it is in memorial of Queen Gizella, who gave up her gemmed fur coat with the outcry of „Vessz, prém!” (meaning of let the fur coat gone). With this she promoted the construction of The Saint Michael Dome. Finally there is one more well known idea, which originated the name of the city from the german name of one of the wells nearby, called Weissbrunn (means White-well in English).

Main sights of the city

  • The Castle of Veszprem – Religious values and modern galeries. The various baroque monuments’ located in the Castle atrract several guests whole year.
  • Spend some quality time while wandering and discovering the Vár (castle) street and visiting the modern art galleries.
  • The Zoo of Veszprem – Possessing one of the greatest traditions of the provincial zoos, which offers continuously innovation.  Since 2014 elephants, since 2015 seals, pinguins and a huge bird-flying place also can be find there. Open on everyday of the year.

For more information go to www.veszpreminfo.hu

The ball flies the net splits in the Veszprem Arena

The Veszprem Arena, assigned in 2008, is loud from thousands of fans all over the year. The second biggest county sport- and programhall is the home of a wordwilde well known handball team, the MKB-MVM Veszprem. MKB-MVM Veszprem, which has a glorious past and present, is the pride of the town. The team is a 23 times Hungarian champion, a 24 times Hungarian Cup winner, twice European Cup winner, once SEHA League winner and twice was member of the three best teams of the EHF Champions League. Its home is the Veszprem Arena.

This modern institution gives place not just sport occasions, but dance competitions, various exhibitions and fashion shows, but there have been ice shows and car, and horse related programmes too. There were such stars performing on the Arena’s stage like Lord of Dance, Boney M formations, Diana Krell, Buena Vista Social Club or DJ Tiesto. The hall is also the location of the Veszprem Festival from year to year. The Arena has such facilities, that not just the sport-proffessionals, but the Hungarian and International congresses’ organizers pay attention to it. Thank to this, there are more and more such occasions held here as well. Thank to the exclusive interior decoration space with clean solutions, conferance rooms, VIP area, the fronthall,  from meetings with a hundred to interntional conferances with thousands of people can be held here.

The Arena can be reached from the centre of the town on foot or by bycicle easily, but the Dear Guest can arrive from everywhere all over the World, since there are thousands of parking places nearby, and even a helicopter flare path is at service too.

For more information visit www.veszpremarena.hu

How To reach Veszprem

By plane – Veszprem can be reached from both the Liszt Ferenc International Airport and the Balaton Airport of Sármellék with a one and a half hour long car-journey. Budapest Airport are straight connected with plenty of cities in Europe, and the Balaton Airport welcome charterflights from the most important countries too.

By car – Veszprem is in the centre of several main roads of Hungary, which means that it is easily reached from the country and from abroad too. Veszprem and Budapest are connected by the M7 highway and the number 8 main road. From the capital city and the main cities of the Dunántúl (like Győr, Székesfehérvár, Szombaythely, Siófok) the journey takes only 1-2 hours’ time.

By Bus – There are several paches to Budapest and the other seats of the counties.

By Train – Veszprem is located in the Budapest-Szombathely railway, which offers several trains day by day. The city can be reached from the Slovenian capital city, Ljubljana with no transfer needed. On the other hand the Veszprem-Győr railway does not only help you reach the city, but makes the journey a real experience too.

By Bycicle – The bycicle road of the Lake Balaton leads through the centre of the town too, related to Szentkirályszabadja and Balatonalmádi. You can also reach Nemesvámos, Kádárta and Gyulafirátót too.

Populations of the city: 61.000 ppl


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Partner cities:

Ningbo (CN), Saumur (F)

The City of The Queens is waiting for you too!

For more information go to www.veszprem.hu, www.veszpreminfo.hu